Schweser live mock exam

I don’t want anyone to give any details away, given others in later time zones will be taking it over the next few hours, but interested in how people went. I don’t recall anything in Ethics about discussing mock exams by Schweser…??? Scores only in the mean time please, until everyone’s done.

Morning: 74%

Afternoon: 80%

I have plenty to say about these exams but, like I said, will hold back for a while… Keen to get an idea of where that sits with others, given it’s meant to be the closest thing to the real thing.

Who said it is the closest to the real thing? I didn’t think so.

Morning 76%

Afternoon 74%

Very good practice for the real thing in a couple of weeks.

I forgot to mention. For those that have done all their practice exams at home, I would recommend doing some practice exams in a library or somewhere that will replicate what the exam conditions are like. I was quite easily distracted today.

“To fully prepare you for exam day, the Schweser Mock Exam is as close to the actual CFA® exam in format, content, difficulty, and length as we can make it.” => that’s from the Schweser website.

I think it’s probably closer to the real thing than the practice exams, based on the fact that it looked more like the CFA mock exam than the Schweser practice exams IMHO.