hi guys.

so I’ve been doing the practice tests from the two volume books of schweser. just wondering if its worth taking the live online mock on sat? anybody taking it so please share your thoughts.


I dont find a point to it. I think 7 practice test are enough and plus you can time yourself and make the enviroment yourself so i dont see the point in paying so much for another practice exam.

I’m doing it for the environment. The traveling, sitting in a room with others, having it proctored, morning session then break then afternoon session, etc. can’t be set up myself as easily. Someone had said it was a good dry run and helped ease the nerves, knowing that they had done it before. That is my basis for doing it. I’ve never taken a test this long before, and it’s even been awhile since I’ve taken any test, so I thought it may be a good idea for 50 bucks. I guess I will see though.

Spend those 50 bucks. The experience is worth it.

im doing it… and i have no doubts that it will help me…

i did it. it was a good thing.