Schweser Live

Hey everyone - just wanted to check in and see what everyone thought of the Schweser live test.

I just got back from taking it and unfortunately it was not pretty for me, overall of 58%. Got railed in the AM with 29/60, though I rebounded nicely in the AM with about a 70%.

I got killed on ethics (which is rare, its usually one of my best), and FI I went 3/12. Given the outsize weight of fixed income on this test, I am going to go over that, FRA, Equity, and Ethics this week by going through all EOCs and revising anything I have gotten wrong on this last test. Saw one question on there twice which I thought was stupid, and a lot of the wording I felt was consfusing in some of the sections. Hoping not to have any issues like that on the real thing.

I was wondering how everyone else fared with this test? Also, retakers who did this last year - how did you do on it and what was your feeling coming out of it?

It was a hard test. If you go to Schweser online, you can see the average score of everybody.

51.2% for morning.

56.4% for afternoon.

I’m glad it was difficult. It certainly exposed my weaknesses. But some of the questions were hard because they were written so sloppily they were incomprehensible.

Motivation for the last push!

I did really badly as well. 50% in the morning and 53% in the afternoon exam. This really ruined whatever little confidence I had and I feel like I’ve been doing poorly ever since.

Schweser Live was a humbling experience for most but that is exactly what one needs in May. A painful kick in the butt to get serious.

i have to agree. i was really surprised with my score. i’d done 6 mocks prior (the 3 schweser vol 1 exams, the CFAI mock, and i cobbled together two “mocks” by copying and pasting the CFAI assessments with topic weights that would resemble the exam weights) all in live exam type settings. this was by far my lowest score. the startling part was that i didnt find the exam particularly difficult, aside from the commonly noted poor phrasing of the questions. i’m going to thoroughly review the questions tomorrow to figure out what the heck happened. but honestly this is a really crappy feeling to have one week out. especially because i am not a first time test taker. i realize the average scores were pretty low, but that’s not much comfort. im just trying to reconcile my score on this mock with my overall performance thus far.

wondering what those who have given their results a closer review have found. were these questions just poorly written, were they more tricky than they seemed, etc?


anyone that took this schweser live mock, any thoughts on how representative this test was? i’ve gone through the answers and i thought that the material they tested was fair game but many items were really tricky. the ethics was brutal as well. love to get thoughts from the group.