Schweser material comparison

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know how comparable the Schweser Qbank and mock exams are to the actual CFA exam? Is the Schweser material comparable in difficulty or is it significantly easier? Thank you in advance.

I found Schweser to be easier than the CFAI material (online topic tests in particular) and the actual exam. They are certainly still a valuable resource though.

I don’t have much experience with the qbank but I found the Schweser practice exams are comparable in difficulty with the actual exam. Is there a reason you’re asking about this?

I plan on buying the mock exams and Qbank from Schweser to use all of November and wanted to know if those would be helpful in comparison of difficulty. If there is another alterantive for the above two, I am free to opinions.

Personally, I feel the Schweser practice exams (6 sets if I’m not mistaken), together with CFAI’ curriculum’s end of chapter questions, mock exams and Schweser Notes questions are enough. You probably don’t need the qbank, unless you have a lot of time left and you already finished whatever practice questions you have.

Agree with ExamAlpha. I had Qbank and never used it…