Schweser material difference through the year

Hi There! I planned on buying a second-hand Schweser module from one of my friend that took the test last December, I believe the book is stamped either in 2007 or 2008. Is there any difference between that book with the newest Schweser book in term of relevance to the 2009 CFA Curriculum? Thanks for the answer

There definitely is a difference in this year’s cirriculum. I can’t recall the link right now, but Google it and you should find a breakdown of the differences. I know specifically that almost all of the Econ LOS’s and readings have changed, and there are several other significant differences. I was going to do the same thing until I found out how much of the LOS’s have changed this year (if I recall correctly it is somewhere around 30% have been at least altered).

That’s really a crapper. Gotta have to haggle a bit for a refund from a friend.