Schweser Material for Level II

Are the textbooks the same as they are for Level I?

could u plz clarify ur inquiry ?

yeah plz lol

Yes they are…they just pick different set of questions on L2


oh ok so the textbooks are pretty much the same, except for minor changes i assume? are the end of chapter questions the same as well in the materials?

No man, what are you talking about. For L2 you need a whole new set of books that have almost nothing to do with L1 books

i have been totally mislead then by coworkers… a series of them told me that the books are the same and it is the same curriculum, i found that to be weird, hence why i came to the analyst forum for the true answer!!

Or maybe your coworkers were refering to 2012’s curriculum, and you misunderstood them. Ohh but that not seems right either, as there are many changes in new curriculum. Go grab their necks tomorrow!! devil

U serious???

L2 = L1 but you have to read the same book twice.


Do you think that the Schweiser material L1 2012 is ok for Level 1 June 2013?

I appreciate your advise.


they must be bitter because I passed level 1 while they did not do so hot :wink:

Anyways, when you sign up for L2 you will receive 6 big fat books. Those will be your girlfriend for the next year. You may use the L2 schweser books that come out in october as a supplement to the CFAI books.

When stacked side by side, the level II books are 3/8 an inch shorter than Level I. … Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I dint get the CFAI books for L1, I studied from schweser. Just holding the 700+ page volume 1 book…I remember why I used schweser for L1…But now I have no choice

so you guys don’t think that scweser will be enough to clear level 2?

Its a personal choice. There have been people who cleared all 3 levels with schweser. Some like me are not comfortable doing that way and prefer to do EOCs and Blue Boxes multiple times apart from reading from a provider and doing their qbank.

There are many threads before this with lots of discussion around this topic if you want a more elaborate answer!