Schweser materials and optimal Study Plan


I have read a lot about using Schweser vs. CFA Insitute materials for CFA L3. For Level I and II I used a combination. I read Schweser first and then I have done all practise questions and blue boxes in the CFA Insitute books, FinQuizz questions and Elan questions and all practise exams which are available (especially the CFA Insitute moch exams from the past 5 years.

I thought I would do the same for CFA level 3

  1. Reading Schweser materials (making some important flash cards)

  2. Doing the end of chapter questions in the Schweser books

  3. Doing all Blue boxes and practise questions in the CFA Insitute books (at least once)

  4. Doing Elan questions (if avaiable in time - seems they are offering CFA Level III materials for the first time)

  5. Doing Schweser and FinQuizz and Elan mocks (if available)

  6. Doing CFA I mocks 2008 - 2014

3- 6: Revising weak areas on a continous basis and making additional flash cards

I think in general it takes to much time to read the CFA Insitute books and for me it is always the most important thing to do as much practise questions as I can. I have never used the QBank, since I had the feeling that the questions are a way to easy.

What are your thoughts?

Many thanks for you help in advance

  1. Schweser is all that is necessary for reading; only use CFAI materials if Schweser doesn’t make a concept clear to you.

  2. Ignore the Schweser EoC questions - they are time consuming and nothing like exam problems

  3. Do CFAI EoC questions. Blue Boxes aren’t bad, but I never did them.

  4. Do Schweser Practice Exams, Mock Exam, CFAI mocks up to 3 years back (any deeper than that and you get into stuff that isn’t even in the curriculum now)

  5. Pass

Thank you very much for the good suggestions. You are probably right regarding the Schweser EOC questions. They are similar to Qbank questions and the Qbank is always a way too easy and not comparable with the CFA mocks