Schweser- Material's for Level II - Mid October

I called up Schweser and the materials will be ready by mid-October. How long does it take for the CFAI books to arrive once you register?

Depends on where you are. I got the books in 4 days. Perhaps 10 business days tops if you’re not in north America.

a week. order em now!

daj how much have you read so far?

topher Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > daj how much have you read so far? not too much. i started on some equity but since the CAIA is coming up, I got sidetracked and had to drop one set of books and pick up another. how far are you???

I’m going at a very leisurely pace. I’ve finished 2 quant readings and done no problems. I just want to get a brief overview of some topics before really hitting the books in December. I’m currently searching for jobs. So far I’ve done a few interviews and I’ve basically made it to the 2nd round with 2 different companies. Both positions are somewhat MO, but it seems to me like FO could be a possibility. One position entails managing the risks of various equity & deriv portfolios (optimizing asset allocation, risks, costs, etc. mainly through computer programs and models). This doesn’t really involve security selection but there is a little discretionary authority in what trades are made. Also, I was told people quite often switch around between this portfolio optimization department and the research department (strategy & security selection), so that’s a good thing. The other job is basically MO supporting the FO with analysis of CLO’s, senior secured debt, and other leveraged finance investments. This analytical stuff is part of the job, but a lot of it would be maintaining data in the system (boring) and doing some admin work. But the thing I liked here is during my interview with the CFO, I asked him if it would be possible to move into the FO group from this position and he said nothing is guaranteed but was supportive. He liked my drive and wanted to bring me back for the 2nd round. I appreciate that he liked my desire to be in FO, whereas with some other companies I’ve interviewed with, they don’t want you to be too ambitious, put your head down, and stay in BO/MO. Anyway, good luck on CAIA daj.

ordered my CFAI Level 3 at 9:30am on Tuesday after results for L2 posted and I already got them. They are shipped from Georgia not Charlottesville…took 3 days to get to DC.