Schweser Mistake?

Practice Exame, Volume 1, Exam 3, PM, p178-79 Question 18.1. Should the proceeds not be $14.5m? There is nothing in the Errata.

It is posted in errata: Correction Page 179 for question 18.1 the correct answer is choice C but the proceeds of the forward contract would be 14.5 million. The calculation on page 330 for this question should be changed to €10m X 1.45 /€ = $14.5 million. Posted: 2009-04-06

Thanks. I think I need a break… For some reason I thought the errata were arranged by page number, so I didn’t look at the top.

Smarshy, do you have the errata for the Vol 1 & 2 in pdf that you can email me? I dont have schweser online access to log in?? Thanks

never mind. Google helped