Schweser Mock AM Section WTF

I got 55% on the morning session. I’ve been averaging in the low 70’s so I was a little bit taken aback. I also felt it didn’t go well so maybe it just hit on a lot of my weaknesses. In the PM I scored a 72% so I’m happy with that.

Did anyone else have such a big disparity between their AM and PM scores? Or is it just me?

Guess morning session was tougher as it can be seen by current avg results 54-60. Here the same relation, my results 70-75. However, for me PM session seemed to be more difficult :slight_smile:

Yeah funny how we’re so wide apart in the AM but you only beat me by a few questions in the PM. Maybe I just need more sleep the night before? Hahah

I felt the same. Without being a braggart, I did really well on this year’s CFA Mock. This Schweser test killed any confidence I had 55%/60%.

Ditto. I took it timed at test center and from high 80 in the CFAI mock, I went to high 50 in Schweser’s today. Surprisingly they ‘got me’ in areas I was comfortable in :frowning:

Schweser mock was a real killer !!! were they serious in ethics Qs !??!

agree, i did not get above 70 in PM either