schweser mock answer key

anyone else have trouble grading this exam because they only give what would have been acceptable answers in the answer key but did not exhaust all the possible answer choices?

for example, on the portfolio asset allocation question you could have said portfolios A and B also didn’t achieve shortfall risk requirement…for the cautious investor you could have said that they are very risk averse and want to minimize risk even though this was not in their answer key…for the constant mix/cppi, you could have had a different combination of answers, etc.

i figure it is okay to give yourself credit as long as you know your asnwer is right/matches whats in the book?

I did not grade min yet, but I see it comming.

I also think this problem will happen on the exam, the graders will have a set key and they wont give you marks for other things. So like in university you could actually be smart and give different opinions, even better ones. I think for the exam ask yourself what should a candidate who studied well answer. Give that answer and nothing less or more.

I am mostly taking the Schweser live mock so I can punsh in my scores and compare my rnaking to others. I think it carries some value to know where you stand in the sample. Even though the sample is probably biased upwards since these are people who are actually not only taking mocks, but paid mocks. The population has people who dont even bother with mocks. I guess someone who scores above average on schweser live mock is very likely to pass. Just an opinion.