Schweser Mock Exam

Did anyone take the Schweser Mock exam yesterday, was it worth it? I didn’t sign up for it because I don’t live close to a testing center. Yesterday I took practice test 4, and got a 68. Now I’m thinkning maybe I should have done the mock exam as well. The online mock is still listed online. I wasn’t sure if it was worth signing up for or not?

I took it yesterday in Toronto. It was a good practice, I thought it was worth it, just for the experience. I am not sure if there will be much benefit in taking it online, it does not replicate the exam room tension.

Good thing I took ear plugs, people were constantly leaving and coming into the room, lots of background noise.

P.S. Is your score 68% out of 120 or 68/120? Just curious.

Ive scored 74/120 on the morning section, 78/120 on the afternoon. That would be in low-mid 60th percentile, quite discouraging…

Just to add to the above - from Schweser website, the average of the reported scores for the mock was 59% in the AM (700+ reported) and 58% (500+ reported) in the PM. They drop exams with the scores below 36% from the average. Hope this helps.

I wouldn’t bother paying for the test without doing it live. I did it here in Dublin and found it very useful. I scored 76% in the morning and 74% in the afternoon. It was beneficial to replicate the conditions. I also found it very noisy and quite distracting.

On the last practice test I took I got a 84/120 (am) and 80/120 (pm). I’m freaking out right now.

Just take a deep breath. There is always December :slight_smile:

Katie- I think you are still fine. I have been getting 73% and I hear that is close to passing. We still have two weeks…

lol. My scores are so bad that i’m thinking about registering in december exam even before i take the june exam. My scores in FRA are particularly bad. I notice that Qbank is really a waste of money. The difficulty level of questions in Qbank is far lower than the mock exam.

I think the mock is made to keep people from getting over confident by putting a higher percent of difficult questions in. Once you are getting 60-70% of the questions right its very difficult to keep improving because the remaining ones are all very in depth and confusing. Im noticing that I need to be extremely confident in a section to beat 80% while it only takes a relatively small level of understanding to get 60%. Im thinking the actual exam will have more emphasis on the easier questions.

That’s a new observation, I like it - Ima hang on to that one!

It’s fine as long as you are scoring >80/120. Check where is your weak areas and hit the CFAI books and read again and again. Focus on the latest and previous mocks released and you should be fine.

Best of luck