Schweser Mock exams

Hi, Wanted to confirm few things through this forum: - Have given around 8 mocks (4*2) from Schweser and consistently getting between 72-80%. Am desperately trying to cross 80 but haven’t been successful inspite of multiple reviews ? Is this range good enough? - However , in some exams i have crossed the timelines and spend extra 10 -15 mins. Is this a problem ? Has anybody faced the timing issue? Just wanted to make sure that i am not thinking too much on questions. Will CFA be less quant then Schweser? - Also does CFA use a relative marking(%tile) basis to filter sucessful candidates or is it absolute? Nav

I had timing issues a couple weeks ago, so I focused on what was slowing me down. Initially this caused me to miss those “least likely” questions, but it comes down to repetition. After hundreds of qbank questions one after the other your time improves. I am doing 80%+ consistently on mocks and I find the key to breaking it is the small little details. 72% - 80% is a good score, don’t stress.