It is reasonable that once you are able to pass Level II, you stop studying… But in reality, how do you know when you are ready? You sure do not need a perfect score on all mocks, and let us be honest, there must be a couple of LOS for each person that they do not get and would rather just ignore. So the question is for people who already sat for Level II If you took Schweser mocks towards the end of your prep, what were you scoring? And how did you end up doing on the exam? Not a solid science, but it is enough information for me to be able to say: 1- Slow down you will be fine 2- You better get studying sand nigga

What I learn from this forum is to not to log in anymore…asking about mock scores is dreary for people who may have started looking at the curriculum few days back…I’m one of them…I’m not checking this forum until the CFA level 2 exam…all the best guys

i need to do the same, but for diff reasons, i spend too much time on here best of luck, although in theory you should not read this cause your not comming back soon