Schweser Mock Scores

I’ve taken 2.5 mocks (so 5 morning/afternoon sessions) and seem to be getting nowhere. I’m scoring 50-51 on literally all of these tests despite going through each section answers pretty thoroughly. Part of it is because I’m being tested on new material each time and another part of it is that I’m guessing less. But with roughly 20 days left, does anyone have any suggestions?

And at what range should I be scoring during the final week on Schweser mocks to feel comfortable?

Almost the same with me too:

Schweser (volume 1) test 1: 55%

Schweser (volume 1) test 2: 47%

Need to take corrective action to improve since still have time. Would appreciate any input.

Same boat as yours…

Are you guys able to improve on your scores… ?? If, so what strategy do u advise?

I took CFA mock 2011… scored 62% … then took schwesers mock 51%…

Is it just me or schweser exams are actually harder than CFA mock??


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