Schweser mock

scuse me for being blonde if that’s the case but can someone pls explain how the schweser mock exam works? just bought the online version - is it only available on saturday when the supposed live one is or can we take it any time? i can’t seem to find any actual access to it once i log in?

There should be a link on your account pg on schweser, here’s what it says: You may take the Schweser online Mock Exam anytime between May 22, 2010 and June 6, 2010. Once you begin an online exam section, you will have exactly 3 hours to complete the exam section and enter your answers. You cannot “pause” the exam so please plan with that in mind. Your score for analysis will be computed at the end of the 3-hour period. All questions, including any unanswered questions, will be viewable when you access Performance Tracker for that exam section. The AM portion of the Level III exam is in essay format. You have the option to print this portion of the exam and write your answers in the answer templates provided or to take the exam online and type in your answers. At the completion of this portion of the exam you will be able to print a grading key for your essay answers or to access the grading key along with your online answers. The PM portion of the Level III exam is in item set format and we recommend that you print the question vignettes prior to beginning this portion of the exam for ease of reference while taking the exam. Each vignette is also included with each of the six questions pertaining to it when you take the online exam. For accurate evaluation of your performance, do not read any exam materials before you actually begin your timed exam