Schweser MOCKery?

I took 3 half tests from the first schweser mock tests and ended up scoring 75,80,75 even though i though it did not do well. these tests look too easy to the real ones. What are the other tests you folks are taking to get the real feel of the actual exam?

I don’t know about schweser mock tests. I have book 6,7 (Schweser’s sample exams) and I think they are more difficult than the actual exam.

Can you please forward me those mock tests? I can trade you sample exams for the mocks exams :slight_smile: grazie!

I agree. The CFAI mock was easier than the schweser mocks.

oops. I mean the exams in the book 6 and 7. are there other schweser tests too?

There is a Schweser mock exam for $50, I am signed up for it (online version).

bpdulog Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > There is a Schweser mock exam for $50, I am signed > up for it (online version). There is also a Schweser live mock exam for $50. I’m signed up for that one.

both of the “live” and the “online” are the same… just the means of testing (location etc.) are decided by you in the latter case.

I thought Schweser exams were harder than CFAi Mock.

They are different, Schweser tends to ask hard questions in a straight forward manner, CFAI asks easier questions in a blurry way… Anyways, dont forget that the real exam is 6 hrs, not 3… If you get 75 on 3 hr exams expect to get a 65 on the second half…

Why get 65 on the second half? Tiredness, boredness, or the text is different? Last year I seemed to have no problem concentrating in the afternoon, if that is what you are implying…