Schweser Mocks - Book 1

Hi guys… In the last 2 days I gave 2 mock tests of schweser (1 morning and 1 afternoon)…

Morning - 41 correct and 19 wrong scoring 75% in equity

Evening - 41 correct and 19 wrong scoring 67% in FRA

It averages to around 68.33%.

@experts and others: How 's my performance? Is it decent? obviously I need to improve, but am I on the borderline or somewhere above it?? Please reply asap… People at AF are scoring around 77-78% and its worrying me.

Doesn’t matter what others are scoring. You have four weeks to go. If you focus on your weak areas and continuously revise your notes, you should be good to go.

BTW, I’ve heard Schweser mocks aren’t very exam representative. I would suggest you also try out the 2012 CFAI mock, that’s assuming you want to save the official 2013 CFAI mock for the last.

Hey… From where can I get 2012 CFAI mock?? I am not finding it anywhere… Can you please send me the link or mail me at