Schweser Notes Enough?

I know this is the L3 board but I figured this is the only place I’d find people who’d passed L2 hanging out!! I just wanted to know if any of you used mainly just the Schweser notes and if those are done thoroughly, are they enough to pass the L2 exam?

yes they are enough to pass all 3 exams

More than enought man. Schweser is the best! I know so many people who don’t even open the CFAI books (yea, they are still in the box sealed) and have passed all 3 levels.

I don’t think the schweser end of chapter question’s are enough for pratice thou.

I agree for L3 it’s important to atleast do the EOCQ. But they just used Schweser and nailed it bad in 2009 - Pretty sharp guys!

So basically I’ll use Schweser notes to study and from CFAI books I’ll only do the questions…

My plan for first two levels, both pass: read schweser cover to cover do EOC CFA questions q bank and study notes take every exam i can get my hands on

Actually I never touched the CFAI books for level 2. Only did schez eoc questions and 3-4 pratice exames. So you should be fine with only shez. Its all about knowing the material rock solid.

Use Schewser notes to complete your readings, but do tackle the end of chapter questions in the curriculum esp the item sets. Do lots of practice.

…depends on how much time you have. I used purely schweser and didn’t do any CFAI EOC questions, and it worked fine. To each his own.