Schweser Notes have been delivered

I received an email from Kaplan Financial today confirming that the notes are on their way/

Some level 2 candidates at work have received them already so the level 3 books will hopefully arrive early next week.

It’s crucial that we get a discussion going about the model on the front cover once all three sets of books are in. My favorite is still Level 1 2012 - I suspect there’s a bias because she was my first.

I’m with cgottuso. That blondie was a bombshell compared to the redhead. Hoping the 2014 model finishes off the trifecta with a nice brunette.

I wasn’t really a fan of the red head

there is a risk that it could be a guy this time round. level 2 2012 was a guy

Mine have shipped but haven’t arrived. I had forgotten that they would charge my CC when the materials shipped. That was a nice $955 suprise on my card. Yikes.

That would be terrible…may refuse to use them out of principle. +1 hoping for a nice brunette

my books have arrived and the cover model female. Blonde in her mid 30’s I’d say.

Annoying cheesy smile and she kind of reminds me of Pheobe from friends.

Man, tough break. Not what I was looking for.

Man, tough break. Not what I was looking for.

hahaha, how much time do you spend looking on the cover??

i don’t remember what they look like i was too concentrated on what’s inside!!!


This thread is worthless without pics.

the female has more wrinkles this time.

she is getting older.

Level 2 brunette wins by far:

Wow, thats a pretty big difference between the two. Maybe ill print up a couple of those level 2 covers and tape them onto my level 3 books.

You think either of them actually know what the CFA is?

Omg jealous of the level 2 candidates this year…this brunette is almost on par with my blond from level 1 2012…that girl was smokin as was previously mentioned. In other news, if you can get a pic of the Asian chick from CAIA Level 2 2013…that girl was fine and i spent a good amount of time looking at her during CAIA L2.

Dear Kaplan Schweser:

Could you please reveal the name and whereabouts of the cover girl on 2014 Level II Notes?

I would like to have a connection with her and discuss the inspiration/aspiration/excitement/anxiety/enjoyment/sadness/stress/… feeling about CFA endeavour with her.

Thank you.


Level 2 woman looks younger, less wrinkle, and most importantly more meat (flesh).

haha, they should hire victoria secret models if they want people to buy more books!