Schweser Notes Not Enough?

Thanks in advance for any advice on the topic.

At the moment I am only using Schweser Notes to study for the June L1 exam. I am aligning my readings with the Schweser class schedule which has you completing the readings by end of April and gives you a month for review which I think is sufficient. However, following this schedule I am finding that I have more free time than I think I should. After each study session I am completing the EOC questions in the schweser book, and will also begin to the use the EOC’s in the CFA1 books. Should any free time I get be used to attack the Q Bank or is there a more useful strategy anyone has?

IMO you are on the correct path.

Weeks 1-10 = Schweser books + Qbank

Weeks 11-15 = EOC from CFAI

Weeks 16-17=Qbank

Weeks18-EXAM = Mocks and review

I agree. I did more or less the same thing for both Levels 1 and 2. Once you’ve covered the material in the Notes thoroughly, just start answering questions–whether it be Qbank, CFAI EOC’s, or what have you. Only refer back to the notes when you find that you don’t understand a topic.

Just my 2 c’s, contrary to advice I didn’t get Schweser notes and read the entire CFA curriculum for level 1. Oh yes, it was a pain for sure: 3300 pages at 10 pages per hour average reading speed including doing the multiple choice problems and reading through the problems and solutions to the long hand ones. That’s excluding mock tests.

Then I did 2 CFA sample exams, 1 CFA mock exam, and I ordered one pack of Schweser mocks plus took their simulated NY session. I started in the low 60’s and got toward upper 70’s on the mocks, then passed with flying colors on all sections on test day.

The curriculum is a PAIN, but the problems (including the blue box ones) are in my opinion the closest to what is on the exam even though Schweser’s mock tests do a VERY good job at simulating the questions too. If you want to feel confident, at least do the problems in the curriculum.

What is EOC from CFAI?

End of Chapter questions. They are absolutely mandatory imho, even if you prep off Schweser exclusively. Otherwise you are throwing away free questions that you paid for and were written by CFAI to top it off. Also, I think its absolutely mandatory to take the two paid practice exams, not to mention the actual mock that is already included. Yes they’re expensive at $40 and you have to pay $20 to retake each, but way worth it.