Schweser notes question

I have gone through the first two sessions and most of the third using both schweser and CFAI text. I think schweser has way too many holes as compared to the CFAI material. I would not be able to answer the question in the schweser qbank if i did not read the CFAI books. Is anyone else noticing this? Do the Schweser notes get better after Quant? P.S. Reading 13 is nasty. I do not remember level I being this difficult at any point. I am starting to wish I began studying earlier especially because I do not trust the Scwheser material.

dmoxson, yes I noticed it too. Schweser notes are really not all that good- esp. if you read the same thing in Curriculum. I’m just using it for reference purpose. Nothing else.

hmm. that worries me because i thought schweser did a pretty good job on quant. i read schweser and was able to answer most questions in the curriculum. one thing i did notice was that the curriculum put a lot emphasis on durbin watson, more than what i would have expected after reading schweser.

I scored less than 75 percent when i made a difficult test from the q-bank. schweser seemed a bit thin to me compared to last year. i followed up by skimming CFAI and I did much better. I did not have to open the texts once on level I.