Schweser Notes Question

I have been using the CFAI texts to study. Are the Schweser notes more concise, etc?

Also, do the Schweser Notes have more questions/problems??

yes, schweser notes have more questions in paper book after each SS; + about 4000 questions in online Qbank.

Notes are way more concise. I plowed through the CFA texts for Dec… never again. I will use notes going forward and rely on texts for reference on topics that are more difficult to grasp.

I am getting nervous about the exam with the CFA texts. I have done Book 6(Derivatives), Book 1(Quant and Ethics) and Book 5(Eq and fixed income) from the CFA notes but I think i need to Switch to Schweser for Eco, Accounting and Corp Fin - Otherwise i am never going to finish stuff. Just not most comfortable about this approach though - the Schweser notes do miss out on things from the book. Its a bet I guess - but I dont have too much choice at this time. Any thoughts anyone?