Schweser notes shipped?

Has anyone gotten their schweser materials? When are they suppose to ship? I remember the usually ship by Oct.

Sent an email to Schweser. No reply yet.

I placed my order on 9/16, and was wondering the same thing. I just called them now. The lady wasn’t the brightest (I had to spell my name twice, and she asked me for my order ID after I just gave it to her…), but she suggested that my order will not ship for 2-3 more weeks. Orders placed earlier will obviously ship sooner.

Not that I’m overly anxious to start studying again, but this is kind of ridiculous, no? I ordered back in august. I’d be even more upset if they told me my order wasn’t shipping for another 2-3 wks.

Online Access works. My notes were shipped today.

TheAliMan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Online Access works. My notes were shipped today. FUUUUUuuuuck… here we go again.

I placed my order on August 19th - I still don’t have access online and have not yet received any confirmation on shipment.

A little out of the context but does anyone have the knowledge about the penalty for using duplicate( read as photocopied) schweser notes (obviously if one gets caught while using them :P) ?

Placed my order on 9/21. Just got word that they shipped.

I got an email from schweser “Products Assigned: CFA Level 3 Schweser Study Planner Partial Schweser Library Practice Exams Volume 1 Please note, not all physical products have an online component. Online Access Instructions:” Does that mean they have been shipped?

mine were shipped today (got an email from Schweser)… they should arrive soon

the nerd index is at an all time high here …

They already charged my credit card so it is on the way. I guess that one of the benefits for them sending the notes this month instead of last month is the Canadian Dollar has been appreciating so it lowered my cost. Ya…

Scheduled for arrival tomorrow…ehhhh

West coast - scheduled for delivery on the 20th. Oh no.

Got mine a few hours ago.

Chi Paul Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Got mine a few hours ago. How they look? Asian girl on the front again?

pimpineasy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > the nerd index is at an all time high here > … I second

I just received the notes package. There is a half-bald man on the cover instead of the asian girl

i guess schweser figures that once you’ve thrown away your social life enough to actually get to level 3, you’re probably more attracted to bald men than to asian girls.