Schweser online answers for Practice exam Book 6

It seems like Schweser has made again the unfortunate mistake this year to not have the answers of Book 6 at the end of the book, but only online. When i ordered Schweser, I received my online access password and practice exam answers will be one of the “benefits” to the online access.

horrible. is this an attempt to force you to go to the website or are they just too cheap to use the extra paper?

It’s to prevent copyright infringement to some extent. It doesn’t really work but it’s another thorn in the side of those who don’t want to pay the full whack for them. To be honest this is the first year I paid for my schweser notes, found them online for the last two levels for nothing, including audio notes and book 7. The smaller number taking level three makes it less likely that a candidate will scan them in…

when will the answers be available? Any idea?

I bought the Schweser Book, but still cannot find the explanation online. Anybody knows what could be wrong?

from the experience of lots of folks who had taken both the L1 and L2 exams in 2007 – these are available only if you answered them (dutifully) when it gave you the chance to compare yourself against others who had done the same exam. (or) option 2: there is an option to not dutifully take the exam in its entirety but get the answers and key (with no comparison option). CP

I tried with my online access, but still could not get it to work. Any nice people?

the online access does work … sounds like you have access to a book from some who actually has access on line … sorry cant help you right now as I am ready to do book 6. touch base in April.