Schweser Online Book 6 Solutions..

I bought the complete schweser set from a friend awhile ago. I did not know that book 6 answer explanations were only provided online with a schweser account. Well my friend has a schweser account but he only has level 2 access since he is now registered for level 2. Would anyone be kind enough to paste the for book 6 2007 into a word document and send it to me?? It would be soooooo helpful. I’m having a hard time going back to the material and finding out how to do the problems and the explanations would save me so much time. My email is

I’m in the same boat with Highimtom. But I also have 2006 Schweser. can somebody be kind enough to send to us? thanks.

someone called ruckmani had posted a link to book 6 solutions for 2007 some time ago.

Thanks CPK123 I found his post. Here’s the link to it:,627358,627449#msg-627449

Ruckmani’s link only has 1 part of one test. Can someone please just download the printable answer forms, and send them to me?? Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaasee. I’m desparate.! Karma will help you on the test.


Anyone?? Someone please help!!! I found this on the site !! You shall find what ur looking for!!!

This is only has the answers to the first test morning exam? Not any of the other exams or sections.

no one wants to help me out?? Please, everyone on this forum has been so nice. I’m desparate. Only 11 more days until the test, and these explanations would be so helpful. Thanks!

Highimtom…I don’t know what you’re smoking, but that link two posts above yours has the answers for all 3 book 6 exams…AM and PM…check it out again. Thanks for posting it smeet! Gluck everyone!!