Schweser Online Class - Week One

Wondering if anyone else out there is registered for the 16 week Schweser Online class. I watched the first class last night on ethics from 6:30-9:30 EST. It was taught by Andrew Holmes. I’m not sure what I think of him so far. He seemed to ramble about things that didn’t matter alot, but it’s also almost impossible (imo) to “teach” ethics. You just have to sit down and read/memorize it. I’ll probably get a better gage on how helpful he is with quant next week. Thoughts?

Yeah, I watched the first class and he did seem to ramble a bit. I thought the slides were pretty helpful but wasn’t too thrilled about his teaching. I’m hoping it gets better next week.

We’re online right now (UK time). The real advantage is not the words that are said but that the program keeps you focused on studying hard each week for the upcoming lesson… Edited: Forgot to add that you guys who want to join can still catch up through their archive facility (the sessions are recorded and posted on a web site).

UK Folk - You have a different professor I believe. If you’d like, post back with your opinions of him after the class.

He’s OK. It’s difficult to sit for three hours staring and talking into a camera to an audience you cannot see.

nodes Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hey Medhi > I’m on the online class now. > > tout pareil! Est-ce que vous êtes en France?

Andrew Holmes is a CFA god. 3 hour online classes are tough. 3 hour online classes on ethics are especially tough. It will get more exciting. He was leading SSFA Windsor last year and was a big hit with everyone.

I agree… the class was a little dry… mainly because it was Ethics I’ve had Andrew Holmes for a 3 Day review seminar for Level I - he is really good and really knows the material. the exam tips he gives are extremely helfpul. I think that the online class will really help w/ more quantitative topics like Quant, FSA, Equity calculations and techniques to understand all the formulas. and most importantly to keep you focused and on track to complete all the materails by first week of May. Any one considering the 3 day review seminar?

is anybody using apple computer for this online class? I am just wondering which program you are using to view the video. It seems that I need to buy some plug ins and I am just curious if there is a way not to buy them. Thanks

Hey leveltwo, I have a question for you. Could you send me an e-mail so I could reply back to you. Thanks, big bla

Hey all, Any feedback on week 2? I’m playing catch up and am thinking about ordering the videos.

Hey golfer, I used Mac before…you gotta download firefox as it’s not compatible with Safari.

i attended the UK class in Singapore. The way he explained things was ok. But i believe there was no use to it, if one has not read the material once before the class. I had read the Quant stuff once before. The class was fine but Timeseries went over my head and i could not catch anything. I just realized before the class, that i had forgotten everything about timeseries. That did motivate me a little to redo timeseries this weekend. All the best guys.