Schweser Online Class

What do you think about online class from Schweser? It looks different from last year’s.

who is teaching the classes? and is he good?


Two teachers this year: Mark LeFebvre(new york time) and Dr. Bruce Kuhlman(london time).

Both are good, but the emphasis is different.

Kuhlman kind of blows. I wish Peter Olinto did Level III.

LeFebvre is terrible…makes mistakes all of the time and insists on trying to ‘write’ things on the slides which are all useless

Did anyone find any value with these. I watched the first 3 and then fell so far back that I did not see any point. Now that I have completed the material, I am debating whether to go back and watch these…

Current milestones:

Finished Schweser & one full review, completed 500 Q-Bank (not really a milestone), completed CFAI Blue Q’s, one Schweser practice test, and obviously the first three On-Line Classes. Need to do 7 or so more mocks and all CFAI EOC.