Schweser Online Instruction

I could probably find the answer through search but it didn’t show up on the first page so here’s my question…

Just wondering who has used the Schweser Online Instruction, whether they see value in it, and if I’m not able to actually sit through the live online class whether they are available to watch afterwards? Maybe this is the on-demand video instruction?


This year, I took the live weekly online class through Schweser for L2. Andy Holmes was the instructor. The guy is awesome. The class was great. It starts in mid-january, and runs for 16 weeks. I used it as a reinforcement/refresher tool. I started reading in december and I was finished with quant, econ, and most of the way through FRA when the weekly classes started. So, when the class started, I was reviewing every week, via the class, stuff that I had already read.

The classes are archived and available to watch on demand if you aren’t able to watch them live.

I HIGHLY recommend doing that class.

Excatly what I was looking for! Thank you very much.