schweser online mock available as of now

go kill it!

I don’t see it. They might be uploading it right now so may take some time. Saturday is the day

i see it in my online account, the essay and pm can be downloaded in pdf format is this the link?

no, access ur acount where u would normally take the qbank and u should see the it there

are you saying under test management?

under final review tools…obviously if you signed for the live mock exam you will not get it u need to sign for the online version.

Just printed it. God Bless! - Taking it Sunday (office on Sat, else would have taken live at NYSSA site…)

can you print the morning part also?

yes. Printed AM and PM both

cool, i think i will sign up, worth it for one more exam to practise

for anyone having the mock,how does it look,much different then other schweser practise exams?

A little easier than their practice exams but just as ambiguous and littered with errors. I think they did a good job with the PM section though.

how much does it cost?

50 bucks. assuming you don’t get scammed into the addit’l 100 for a multimedia review