Schweser Online Mock - Will it still work?

If I want to buy the $49 mock, can I still do it now or was it an only 21st May thing? Also, is it like CFA samples - online, unpausable and can only look at the answers once? Thanks

You can take it whenever you want.

How does it work, does it take a few days to process? Do they send you a link, or do you go to their homepage to access it?

You will get a link to it as soon as you pay for it. It takes you to their homepage and you have to log in to access it. I just took it. I would not add on the tutorial that they try to add on to it- they sell it as 10 hours of instruction but honestly I only looked at the parts where I had some weaknesses and ended up seeing max one hour of it. Total waste of $ good luck

I paid for it last night but given the holiday, it probably won’t process until tomorrow. I was hoping to do it today as I’m getting flown out for a business trip Tuesday - Thursday, joy. Thanks for the tip on the tutorial, much appreciated.