Schweser online review of practice exam

Sorry, I know this have been discussed but I couldnt find it. I might be totally blind but where in Schweser do I find the online explanations of the practice exams? I can’t find it in Qbank :frowning:

you go to your online home page and on the left, under online tools, there should be a tab for exam vol.1. You have reenter all your answers, but it’s helpful once you go through the pain.

WTF, I dont have that. Schweser, cooooooooome on!!! Damn it! They better have a 24/7 support cfasdf1: Thanks though, I figured there were something wrong, I looked everywhere

yep. just checked mine. under online tools w/ notes, practice exams. they really should have 24/7 support this late in the game.

maaagian – send them an email, i had the same problem and they turned it on for me next day

Perfect. Just called them and they turned it on immediately. Thanks!