Schweser Online Test #1 AM

Im in the middle of taking this beast - anyone else take this and what did you think? I am halfway through it and I seem to be missing a lot of it. Its like I never read half of the CFAI text or something. Do you think the CFAI tests are going to be the convoluted? I hope the purpose of these tests is to create a master list of things that I need to go back and review. My list is getting LONGER AND LONGER!

i am so worned out i am not sure i can handle more tests. Not today that is for sure :slight_smile:

3 hour AM test - im way past that time limit! This sample test is making me scared - I did the Sample last night on CFAI and did ok (70%) and felt pretty good. This is a nightmare…

I hate this Test1. AM was alright…i thought the afternoon test was just crazy…Test2, was much better I found.

After slogging through this - it really makes me question what the hell I have been reading and studying diligently for 9 months… I almost said F-it! I quit!