Schweser Online Weekly Seminar

Hi, wonder if people who are taking this seminar can give some feedback. How do you like it? Is it too late to join at this point?

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Prof (Bruce Kuhlman) and how useful his classes are. It’s not too late to join if you have the time to watch 18 three hour seminars between now and exam day. The lecture slides, concept checkers, and case studies are also well worth the price of admission.

I lost all interest when I heard that Andy Holms won’t be doing any live seminar.

This is my first time trying them, and highly recommend them to date. If you are going to do them, I would suggest you sign up quickly though as you are already 8 weeks behind (24 hours of seminars to catch up on). I find that if I read the study guide, then do some multiple choice on the online bank, then watch the online seminar followed by the concept checkers and end of session questions, I am retaining much more than in the past without a third party further explaining the materials.

Thanks, guys. That’s some good feedback. Yeah, missing 8 classes is bothering me.

Mitu, I am sure you would have access to archived seminars. CFA-NJ

Just out of curiosity, did anyone watch both 2008 Stalla and Schweser seminar before? How do you compare the two?

If peter olinto is doing the seminars …there is no doubt it will be good … As for the schweser ones is it really worth the additional $ 750 .???

Olinto’s not doing L3. Kuhlman is different, but very good. Worth the extra $750? Yes, if you find classes useful – which I do. Cheaper and more convenient than a physical class – especially if you’d have to commute an hour plus each way.