schweser Only

Anyone here still going to use schweser as their main source? I think I’m gonna stick with schweser and use the CFAI texts as well for my weak areas. And do all of the questions from the CFAI texts also.

Im planning on doing a CFAI-only readthrough finishing in January. After that I’ll order the Schweser testbank and hammer down on the areas I score worst on each week.

I’ll be using Schweser only. Personally I would rather have expert knowledge of the Schweser Notes than pretty good knowledge of the CFAI books. I’ve been told that it’s enough to pass.

Yeah… Im just using Schweser. It was plenty good enough for Level I, it ought to be good for Level II also

just ordered schweser. since we have the CFA materials, there’s no reason not to use them somewhat, but that said i plan to use schweser as my primary reading source. having tackled just one section of quant so far from the CFA readings (and I am starting SS12 today for an hour or so now), the readings seem a bit more long and dragged out but I’m liking the end of chapter questions to help review. what’s out right now for schweser? ethics, quant and FI? i think I’ll be done w/ quant by end of october with a read from both texts. talk about a slow jog getting back into the game. hopefully schweser econ will come by november and i can tackle that and start FSA in December. FSA will take a while. right now it’s all about the red sox. i am very excited about the prospects of Ortiz and Manny getting to hit 500 ft bombs out in the mile high air.

Bannisja would you please send me an email to Thanks CP

done. i hope you’re going to email me about your faith in dice-k tonight. GO SOX