Schweser or CFA Curriculum for Level 2?!!

Sorry for interrupting the lv3 forum, but i was wondering if anyone passed the level 2 or heard someone passing the level 2 using solely the schewser material?

I passed Lv1 using only schweser, i was wondering if i can pull this off again!?


Yes. you will hear different opinions from everyone, but I passed only using Schweser. It worked just fine.

lol if these were the old days when AF was ALIVE people would rap* you for asking this question… do a search and you will see it is the most asked question… anyway i read both for level II, so since i have seen both i can tell you that passing with schweser is very doable and much easier than CFAI… at least thats how i see it… for level 3 i am ditching them

I used just Schweser for Level 1 and 2 but used both CFAI and Schweser for level 3. If you have time I’d defintely use the CFAI as well though.

I heard someone passed without studying. Does that mean you’re not going study? I used Schweser my first time studying for L2 and failed. I used CFAI for most of the materials (Schweser for Derivatives) the 2nd time around and passed. Follow the process that works for you.

=if ( time=lacking, Schweser , CFAI )

I used 90% schweser for 1+2. Passed first try both times. Here’s what I did: 1. Read Schweser chapter. 2. Do Schweser EOC 3. Do CFAI EOC 4. Do LOS quizzes on Schweser online 5. Continue onto next chapter After every study session, I’d do a QBank quiz, just to improve retention. Not good exam comparables, but good for helping it stick a bit. I’d also do another one w/ incorrect questions added in after every Schweser book was done. Once I finished all the books, I went through and did ALL the EOCs. Sections I didn’t do well in I reviewed. Once I did that I did practice exams. Sections I didn’t do well in I reviewed. I did 8 practice exams and was ready. Wrote morning and afternoon in an hour each, both levels. I found when doing the Schweser practice tests that entering my score into the server and getting per-ss feedback was useful for targeting review. The CFAI exams I saved until about two weeks out. I started in January.

I did this exact plan and found it worked for me on all three levels.

I think it all depends how much time you have to devote to the material. If you have time the CFAI books are alot more indepth and you stand a great chance of passing if you read all of them. If you pick topics up easy or have covered alot of the material you might be ok with Schweser. Most people [I’d say] settle for a mixture of the two. I failed 1st time with only using Schweser. They don’t go into the same level of detail as the CFAI books and I didn’t grasp key topics well enough. 2nd time I used about 75% CFAI and passed.

Passed with Schweser + CFAI EoC