Schweser or CFAI curriculum for level 3?

Hi folks, I was wondering if using only schweser for level 3 would be sufficient? For previous levels I hardly used CFAI curriculum and only banked upon schweser. Also, considering the risen cost of it ($150+shipping) I was debating whether to invest in them or not. I am comfortable with occasional use of the e book version but if I have to use it regularly I would prefer the print.

Hi Jiten,

First things first, congratz on your result!

For L3, the notes I used were mostly CFA even though I did have Schweser/Finquiz with me. One thing in L3 is that there are (were in 2013 version, not sure of 2014) lots of “in paragraph questions” (not the BBs) which were quite helpful. Without doing those questions, it was hard for me to understand the concepts.

Even though I have always studied like you (L1/L2) with only EOC/BB from CFAI, in L3 I was almost completely on CFAI text. Well, I am not sure if I still studied the right way though :))

I used schweser to learn the material. Did not read a page of cfai.

to prepare for the test, you’ll want to just take every old morning session and mock you can find.