Schweser or Curriculum for Quantitative Methods?

Hello everybody,

I just wonder if the content of the QM in Schweser does not concede any important information from the curriculum and is it a wise idea to only rely on Schweser for knowledge and Curriculum for exercises in QM in particular? I just went through the first 2 readings of QM from Schweser and my impression is that the content is nicely written and very understandable. What is your thought? Any contribution is appreciated. Sorry for my poor English.

I found Schweser QM part nicely written and very understandable indeed until I attempted the EOCs from the curriculum. Then I started sweating. But I had no time to read through the whole text so I did the curriculum EOCs and was trying to learn from the answers. Planning to do curriculum BBs when I review (not sure I will have time though).

And I have the same issue with PM (on which I’m stuck right now).

I did make an attempt to solve the first 5 multiple choice question from the CFAI’s EOC and I got 4 of them correctly thanks to my previous knowledge in Stats & Econometrics. However, I do agree with you that just relying on the Schweser is not enough since it only provides the general picture of reading while solving problems requires some technical understandings which Schweser somehow doesnt address well in that regard. I think I will stick to reading Schweser first and go through the CFAI just to check if I miss anything

Schweser with a review of the CFAI BB examples seemed to be enough for me; did well in the CFAI EOC questions using this approach. I don’t think you need to read the full text for the whole topic, but certainly review any areas that you are particularly struggling with using the curriculum.