Schweser or curriculum?

Are Schweser notes easier to understand than the curriculum?, since I’m finding it hard studying directly from the curriculum.

in my experience, overall yes. but it really depends on the level you are studying for. level 1, schweser was great. level 2, it left something to be desired (I passed on the first attempt using shweser but near the end of my studying as I was doing mock exams I felt there were areas that I didn’t feel had been covered). for level 3, I did not even try to use schweser.

I’m currently studying for level one. So is it ok to go with schweser to score well?

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If you can get the Schweser question bank, that’s worth more than anything. Gives you a chance to practice in real time and they give you explanations after you answer. This was the most valuable thing to me.

My advice to anyone considering the exams is to find the way you “enjoy” studying. It can be videos or quizzes which Schweser does very well or reading the books. Find what you like to do most and you’ll do more of it.

For me, I never cracked a book, but put the videos on in the background while doing quizzes. It’s way less stressful, and it doesn’t feel as much like “study detention.” Put on some music or a game, make yourself happy first and learn how you like. You can spend 200 hours reading the books and be kicking yourself, but if that’s not your style, it doesn’t have to be. Kaplan/Schweser Q-banks were my bread and butter. The thing I liked is they give you immediate feedback on what you thought, engaged your mind in making you answer the question rather than drone on (that’s what I’d do). Videos are good too, but active learning that challenges you periodically is way more efficient in my opinion. Anyone who tells you that you need to have all the books read by “March” or whatever is full of it.

Personal style, Schweser videos on the laptop while taking quizzes and watching basketball. Depending on where you work, you can sneak in quiz questions a few times an hour too, most support it, and the information is pretty snackable. Breaking it up helps.

Other advice is don’t get overconcerned on the total hour count, spend at least one week resting the month of the exam, and full practice exams (3-5) will be your best friend.