Schweser or Stalla Videos

Just wanted to get feedback on what people thought of the different videos available by Schweser or Stalla. How do people rate them? Those who have used them in the past, was it before you went through the notes or after? Or during? Thanks in advance

If anyone from Toronto is intrested in selling their old video CDs ones please let me know…

I have the Schweser Video series. I have not gone through all the different sections yet. From what I have seen: Ethics, it seems that they are pretty much following the Schweser notes with tidbits of extra info. I was expecting an elaboration on topics and real world examples. That is not the case so far. I will check out the other videos in this series and post here. So far, I am not impressed for the money.

rene01, i have the schweser video set that I’m selling if you’re interested. I’m in the US but I can mail you the CDs. Email me at if you’re interested or want more info