Schweser Practice Exam Difficulty

I did a practice exam and got mid 70s… But I found the exam a lot easier than the CFA Schweser exams… My question is what is a decent practice exam score to feel comfortable for the exam? Is Schweser harder than the CAIA exam questions? Thanks!!!

I’m thinking the Schweser practice exams are probably a little harder than the actual CAIA exam. I got 80% correct on exam 1 part 2 and will feel comfortable for the exam if I can get 80% or higher on exam 2 parts 1&2.

Someone told me that the difficulty of the actual exam lies somewhere in between schweser practice exam one and two. I haven’t taken the actual exam yet so I can’t confirm that yet. I was also told that the sample exam on the CAIA website is a little easier than the real thing

From my experience with schweser with cfa exams and now here, it appears that the later exams usually are chock full of trivia, bizarre/trick questions and restatement/paraphrasing of previous questions using confusing synonyms. I found this to be the case with the schweser material for CAIA level 1. I also got an 80 on the first test and about a 70 on the second. I took both of them during the last two days. With CFA I found that is was a good approach as it really reinforced a lot of stuff I missed and also helped me learn by repeating. The actual test for CFA 1-2 looked nothing like any of the schweser material. But I found the questions to be very reasonable for the most part and far less likely to be trick questions. We’ll see about the Caia. I take the exam tomorrow! I give the Schweser material for level 1 caia a C-, but will forgive Scwheser if The CAIA gives me at least the same.