Schweser Practice Exam Explanations

Hey guys, Does anyone know whether explanations to the multiple choice portions of the Schweser exam books are available online and where to find them? Thanks.

Send them an e-mail. They will take care of it.

  1. login to your schweser account. 2. At the top of the white menu on the left, click “online access home” 3. Look for “practice exam, Vol. 1” on the left and click it 4. Click “Start test” and then choose what you want to do. I use the recommended one: do the exam with the book, write down my choices and enter into the website here, so that I can view explanations. Hope this helps. - sticky

sticky – Thanks, but I don’t see the “practice exam, Vol. 1” on my screen after going to Online Access Home

common problem - call tech help and they will load it in your profile.