Schweser Practice Exam Scores

Hey guys - can you guys start posting your Schweser practice exam scores? I just took Practice Exam 2 in Volume 2 of the Schweser Practice Exams and got a 212/360 and wanted to see how that compares with scores that others are getting.

Don’t have them with me right now but been averaging 55 on essay and anywhere from 65-80 on multiple choice

Don’t recall AM scores (generally mid 60%s to low 70%s). PMs as follows: V1 PM1: 70% V1 PM2: 77% V1 PM3: 75% V2 PM1: 83% V2 PM2: 83% V2 PM3: 78%

V1 PM1: 73% V1 PM2: 72% V1 PM3: 82% V2 PM1: 82% V2 PM2: 67% V2 PM3: 70% Don’t even bother comparing AM sessions…its to subjective.

Dont worry about your score, just buckle down and focus on perfecting the most likley topics to be tested (IPS, Ethics, GIPS, Performance Attribution etc…). There are lots of people in the same situation, all you have to be is a little bit better to get you over the hill… you can do it…

V1 PM1: 73% V1 PM2: 75% V1 PM3: 75% V2 PM1: 72% More to do, AM exams too subjective and schweser don’t even answer the question they ask. Vol2 ex 1 AM How does this relate to First National Bank? Their solution doesn’t address the impact on the bank at all. What’s the point in even keeping score for these things? Anyone done the CFAI exams that you pay for, what do you think?

Can anyone explain the solution for #26.2 on the book 2, exam #3? Dont understand how the swap duration decreases on this scenario…

V1 PM1: 75% V1 PM2: 73% I am finding the PM section I am easily done in about 2 hours. No time crunch there at all. If only I could carry over some of that extra time to the AM section…

V1 1AM: Didn’t time V1 1PM: 82% V2 2AM: Didn’t time v1 2PM: 80% V1 3AM: 80% V1 3PM: 80% V2 1AM: 77% V2 1PM: 83% V2 2AM: 78% V2 2PM: 82% V2 3AM: Wed V2 3PM: Thurs

V1 AM/PM1: 75.0% 68.3% V1 AM/PM2: 72.5% 70.0% V1 AM/PM3: 70.0% 78.3% V2 AM/PM1: 60.6% 78.3% V2 AM/PM2: 63.9% 66.7% V2 AM/PM3: 62.8% 73.3% i love how my scores kept going lower & lower consistantly…lol i completely was getting bored with schweser though, especially into Book7 – their questions were more and more poorly bad worded written [as you can see, i learn from them :)] and the answer guidlines were all over the place and not inline with the question alot of the times on the essay parts focus more on old CFAI essay’s – they are much more relevant

Tossing up between Voume 2 Schweser exams or CFAI mock ? Any recommendations ?

definatly do mock, and if time vol2 but stick to pm section – use cfai old exams 2000-2008 for am sections

I’m not doing too well on the AM… loving the item sets though! V1 AM1: 63 V1 PM1: 80 V1 AM2: 67 V1 PM2: 82 V1 AM3: 68 V1 PM3: 90 This is all the Schweser I’m taking. From here just CFAI: 2007 & 2008 AM and free sample and mock. More than I did for L1 and L2.

1-1AM 83 1-1PM 82 1-2AM 76 1-2PM 80 1-3AM 81 1-3PM 87 2-1AM 76 2-1PM 90 2-2AM 83 2-2PM 85 2-3AM 85 2-3PM (have not done yet) Mock 85 Mean of all exams 82.75 Std Dev 4.14 I also sailed through the AM sessions…I need to focus on slowing down to avoid errors, did most of them between 1 hr 20 and 1 hr 40 min Spent today doing 2-2AM &PM and 2-3AM

That is pretty impressive jasonms

Thanks mwvt9…I am still trying to focus on my weak areas, and have narrowed it down to. Behavioral Finance Psychological Traps Swaps (never liked them, never will) Currency Hedging. Currency Attribution calculations (spent yesterday finally getting the Micro Performance Attribution down). SS 12 in general (the Corporate Governance qualitative crap) Classical Immunization Qualitative Items on AI Due Diligence (i.e. being able to make a qualitative list)…notice the pattern here I can calculate Sharpe, Treynor, M2, and do the futures contracts calculations in my sleep, but it some of the qualitative crap that is still getting me. I feel that I have the IPS stuff down (kind of what I do for a living)…been scoring 90-100% of the points on the practice questions on those.

Updates Anyone?

You people are making me depressed…

No need to be depressed dude! this is survivorship bias! Usually only the people getting good scores will post their results and only those doing pretty well in their studies have time to post the scores here. :slight_smile: Good luck to everyone’s exam!

U guys are wild! I’m getting kinda nervous here!