Schweser Practice Exam scores

Hi , Following are my scores from Schweser Practice Exam Book. Paper 1 - Morning - 64% Paper 2 - Afternoon - 65% Paper 1 - Morning - 70% Paper 2 - Afternoon - 63% Just wanna check how close am I in terms of cut off marks in the actual exam. Regards, Gaurav

I think you want to be hitting 80% to be safe…

jcrick Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I think you want to be hitting 80% to be safe… I will second that M - 76 A - 75 and i am still nervous with a month to go

Paper 1 Morning: 75% Afternoon: 79% Damnit!!!

Exam 1 AM: 71% PM: 80%

Exam 2 AM: 73% PM: 77% I have zero comfort in those scores

i think scores in the 70s on schweser are very good. however, in my opinion the CFA schweser practice exams were much more difficult than the actual exam papers for CFA. scoring 70 or even 75 on CFA schweser practice exam was a very sure pass on the actual exam (if exam day stress was managed). for FRM, i found the schweser practice exams easier compared to CFA practice exams and therefore think that one cannot feel comfortable with a schweser FRM practice score of 70. in any case…the real thing happens on 21 november!

2009 Schweser Exams Exam1: AM: 52/70=74.29% PM: 63/70=90% Total:115/140=82.14% (7 completely stupid/inexcusable mistakes made) Exam2: AM: 59/70=84.29% PM: 48/70=68.57% Total: 107/140=76.43% (7 completely stupid/inexcusable mistakes made) Really need to cut down on these stupid mistakes, they are simple stuff that I just have a brain fart on! PS I also took a 2001 GARP practice exam with a result of 100/130=76.92%. I highly recommend staying away from these older exams as there was a ton of stuff on there that is no longer on the exam or covered in the readings (the exam has changed a lot over the last 8 years). In fact after doing the 2009 Schweser exams the only ones I am going to do from now till test day are the 2009 GARP ones and then review and memorize. I am skipping the 2002 GARP, 2006 GARP, 2007 GARP, and 2007 Schweser practice exams that I have as I don’t think they will be as useful in preparing for the materials specific to this exam.

I feel you on those stupid mistakes. Ive made a handful on those exams as well. Really pisses you off. Dont think you will make those on exam day, will be alert and focused.

Exam1: AM: 45/70 PM: 56/70 Exam2: AM: 48/70 PM: 53/70 GARP 1 = 76 % GARP 2- 72 %

These GARP exams need to be purchased on the GARP website or are they free of charge?

Free for 2009 candidates…

Finally finished my first practice exam: Schweser Exam1 AM: 71% PM: 80% Combined: 75% My strategy for the next few days would be to: Finish Schweser practice exams, GARP mock exams, and read all the Key Concept pages again.