Schweser practice exam V1 and V2

Sorry to bother you folks. I just got the Schweser practice exam book from eBay but I don’t have online access to download the answer/explanation. Could anyone kindly share the answer with me? I have difficult to solve some questions and the exam is just in the corner. I am super anxious now. Any help will be greatly appreciated. - can download from there.

pimp, I was not able to download from Schweser website b/c i don’t have the online account. Could you please share? I appreciate your help very much. Thank you again.

why don’t you ask the ebay seller for their password? I don’t think, as purchasers, we’re supposed to just forward all the answer keys, etc around… call me crazy but…

The seller didn’t want to share his online account for some reason. I don’t expect this situation happened but really need some help at this point.

It’s unethical for us to give this stuff out. I think the eBay seller is screwing you. You should approach your compliance officer to determine if a violation has occured. If a law has indeed been broken, you may approach the authorities.

At the very least your seller should be able to download the html file for which the answers are on and email them to you.