Schweser practice exam vol.1 difficulty (book 6th)

In schweser practice exam (comprised of 3 test sets of 1 essay type & 1itemset type) What score did you get? I only did afternoon item set type as I heard the morning session seems to deviate a bit from cfai style. It seems more tricky than cfai mock exams. And actually i got less score than that from mock exam… Less than 70%. And now i am confused. Felt similar to the case at lv2 it feels more difficult to me. How do you think?

I found the PM sessions to be pretty reasonable. The AM sessions, however, where absolutely horrible: many multi-point questions asking for mindless regurgitation of facts.

as a retaker: You might need to get 80% in schweser PM in order to balance your loss in AM session during the exam. I horribly failed AM last year I only wrote 4 and half questions, but felt my PM might be 75% to 80%. I ended up band 10.

jin , you should attempt all questions in AM . They do give away points for small parts of it , that can make the diff.