Schweser Practice Exam Vol. 1 vs Vol. 2

Hello, Is there a difficulty difference between Vol 1 and Vol 2 in Schweser Online Practice Exams. Done all Vol 1 and got the choice in the time remaining till the exam to do either the 2 Free Mocks for CFAI or Vol 2. Is there a difference between vol 1 and 2 that makes it useful to go it? I want to do the Mocks from CFAI, since i read they are closer to the real thing, if there is no real gain from going to Vol. 2 Thanx in advance

i dont see any reason why you would do any mock instead of the CFAI ones (if they were mutually exclusive). good luck

how is that even a choice? it is not Schweser that will be making up the questions come Saturday?! Seriously i think there is no choice, especially as i 've done both sets and think better of the free mocks.

Easily I would suggest doing the CFAI one. On a side note, those who have went through the Shcweser mocks, how did you find the difficulty? Late last night i did exam 3 after noon volume 2, and withing 2 hours i completed it with one of my best marks… A side from a couple “what the…” questions, it was smooth sailing. I am planning to complete volume 2 only. thanks.