Schweser Practice Exam - Vol 2 - Exam 3

I took the exam today. I found it toughest of all!! Took more time than any other exam before and had to really struggle hard and apply myself to get the answers.

Did other experience same or am I freaking out at the fag end of preparation?

yes ! Its terrible…even i ended up scoring AM - 55% and PM - 62%

I dont know whether AM is more challenging, I got 63% on AM and 80% on PM :frowning: high standard deviation

AM was stupid… Got 68% while averaging 75-85%, PM was normal, got a 83%.

Just focus on taking notes on everything you missed… better to miss it now than at the real test.

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yeah. but making it hard is a dent in confidence.

Yep I thought this mock was one of the hardest esp the AM session. I got stuck on the currency arbitrage question, I normally find those easy! Still don’t really understand their explanation.

anyway too late now. here’s hoping the real thing is easier.