Schweser Practice Exam vs CFAI EOC

I started with the practice exams today, and it really seemed like the questions were much more difficult than the CFAI EOC, does anyone else feel this way? I remember at level 1 going into the test and also thinking that Schweser practice exams were more difficult (and more time consuming) than the test itself.

I though the actually multiple choice CFAI EOC were easy, but I find the Schweser Qbank easy as well. Havent done the schweser mock exam, but the CFAI mock exam really brought me back to earth

I haven’t done the mocks yet, but this scares me haha

I found the Schweser bank fairly easy (they repeat a lot)

CFAI EOC non multiple choice are tricky somtimes, multiple choice were mixed for me.

I can’t comment on the Schweser practice exams (first practice exam scheduled in two to three weeks time) but some of the non-multiple choice CFAI EOC questions were really hard. LIke unbelievably long.

ugh seriously…I give myself 1.5 hours before work in the morning and the other day I only got through 17 problems…between trying to figure them out, and writing the formulas etc…they are long. I just did some MC in portfolio management and killed them in CFAI

Yea, I wonder if the actual exam vignettes are as long as the cfai eoc questions.

I thought the CFAI EOC vignettes were very straight forward, did not add extra work to get to your answer, and gave you a lot of the numbers you needed to solve the question, as opposed to Schweser my impression is they do not give you as much information and you must do more “extra” calculations to get to the answer. I can only hope that these practice exams are so hard to prepare us for the test, and then the test…

Yeah I think the biggest additional hurdle over the CFA level 1 exam (outside of the fact that there is more material on level 2 vs. level 1 IMO) is that it tests your reading comprehension skills. In the vignette, you have to locate the 3 or 4 pieces of information out of the page to page and a half of text that is relevant to your question. On level 1, you only have max 4 sentences from which to extract the information for your answer because each question stands on its own. Interesting thought on the schweser practice exams not putting in as much additional useless info as the real test. Guess I will need to get other practice exams in addition to Schweser.

how much did u score in cfa mock

Only took the morning section but scored a 49. Some of that had to do with frustration with recognizing the material and not knowing how to attack the problem formula/computation wise (I did well on theoretical questions), but I also did not review at all after finishing my last section. A lot of the material just wasn’t fresh in my mind since ive been working on it since October. To give you a point of reference, I took a 60 question qbank quiz the day before, scored a 74, took anothe 60 question qbank quiz the day after and got a 78. I’ll be taking the afternoon section tonight so I’ll se how it goes