Schweser Practice Exam

Hi I just completed my 1st test [Schweser Practice Exam Volume 1 (Exam-1 Morning Session)], within 3 Hrs time limit and scored 71.67%. I did very poor in Ethics (44%) and scored 92% in Quant. Here are my questions: 1) How close Schweser Practice Exam compared to real exam? 2) Is there any tips to improve my score in Ethics area? I did read all the examples provided by institute text and SchweserNotes. Thanks in advance, Good luck to you all Sami

You will pass - With a score over 70 and seven weeks left you will have no problem. The Ethics section of this Schweser exam is very difficult so don’t be disheartened. Read ethics again now, and then again coming up to game day. In the week before the exam, I took a standard each day, and I made a note of all the quirky things that came up in the CFAI examples. I suggest you do this. Also, don’t ignore GIPS - easy marks. Best of luck!